5 Common Transmission Mistakes That Are Killing your Kelowna Diesel Engine

Kelowna diesel engine

Diesel transmissions are the least delicate flowers. But that does not mean you should completely forget about them. Although they will not need your attention with every bat of an eye, Kelowna diesel engine maintenance and transmission repairs will always be requirements for owning a car. What you need is a routine checkup but not the babysitting ordeal some auto specialists will lure you into.

But did you know the common transmission mistakes are borne out of ignorance and neglect? Yes they are and you will be surprised you are committing them even now after owning a car for all these years.

Over with the chase, here are the 5 common mistakes that are killing your transmission for your diesel engine:

1.      Letting your transmission to overheat

Come to think of it, one or two-degree increase in your body temperature leads to fever. You feel like death is just around the corner. In reverse roles, what do you think your transmission goes through when it overheats? Something different but of course with same negative results. Just you know, 90% of transmission issues are brought about by overheating. In every 20 degrees rise in transmission fluid temperature, you lose half the life of your transmission.

2.      Consistently using the wrong transmission fluid

To some auto owners, transmission fluids are essentially the same. After all, they serve the same purpose. This could never be farther from the truth. Each transmission requires a specific ATF. There is no shortcut around this. You have to use the right fluid for your specific transmission.

3.      Overlooking transmission repair and servicing

Just like you need occasional doctor checkups, so is your transmission. You have to take it for service and repair. However, most car owners will keep driving until the vehicle breaks down. This is when they know it was a problem that could have been avoided with a not-so-routine visit to a  specialist. But here you are with your car asking for so much in transmission repairs.

4.      Ignoring transmission warnings

As you change gears, you hear some strange noise. In your driveway, you see a dark red spot. You keep seeing these unusual signs of a problem and yet you never stop and ask yourself why. As long as your car ignites, you assume it is in perfect shape. Far from it, your car is sending you warning signals. You keep ignoring them and you will have a breakdown right in the middle of a winter storm.

5.      Low transmission fluid level

With constant heat and pressure in your transmission, the last thing you should mess up with is the level of fluid. For a good reason it should be at that specific level. But many drivers cannot tell you the last time they checked on that fluid’s level.

Do not ruin your car with these avoidable mistakes. Take it for regular repairs and servicing. It will surprise you how much you can save with this regular visit to your favorite mechanic

6. It does not take a mistake to correct another but rather a right to correct a mistake. Do the right thing for you diesel car today and bring out the road beast in it.